Saturday, February 3, 2007

Orango Island, women propose marriage with fish dinner

I have the answer to all of our male-female relationship problems. The people of Orango Island off the western coast of Africa believe that love comes to the woman first, so it only makes sense for the woman to propose marriage to the man. Instead of a diamond ring, the woman lays a plate of fish before her intended. Eating the fish means he accepts the proposal, and immediately he falls in love with the woman. With this system, divorce is almost unheard of.

Isn't that beautiful?

Some young men, seeking work off the island, returned with the stupid idea of proposing to the woman. Missionaries are telling young women to wait for a man to propose. As a result, divorces are now occuring at a higher rate.

Instead of western ideas turning their world upside down, they should be teaching us the ways of love. With our divorce rate at 50%, we have a lot to learn.

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