Friday, February 9, 2007

Crazy studies for singles

A couple of new studies to report.

The first seems like a rerun of past research into pheromones and sexual arousal. (Remember when they were putting pheromones in perfume? Maybe they still are?)

The recent study found that there are pheromones in male sweat and they cause women to get tingly.

When I used to go to the health club, I stared at men a lot. Little did I know it was their sweat turning me on. I thought it was grossing me out.

So put sweaty gyms on your list of sexual triggers. Stay away! Beware!

Study #2 is way more interesting and a joke for those of us who've been single for awhile. Question: Would you give up 15 months of sex in exchange for a full closet of new clothes?

All I've got to say is point me to Nordstrom's! Then in 15 months, I'll have new, pretty clothes to go out on dates in.

(If I find the sources of these studies I'll give full attribution.)

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