Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Like mother like daughter?

A serious generation gap exists between mothers and daughters, especially in the area of sexuality. Baby boomer mothers came of age during the free love era. We explored our sexual powers openly. We thought we could have sex like men—with no emotional consequences.

We discovered the hard way that sex without love, monogamy, and commitment is a disaster waiting to happen. So we try to teach our daughters about being careful and protecting the heart.

Thanks to the slippery slope of free love and today’s pornographic society, our daughters aren’t buying it. Just as we refused to listen to our mothers, they refuse to listen to us. Peers and teen celebrity idols command their attention--the blind leading the blind.

The mixed messages are so confusing. In pop star Fergie’s song “Fergalicious,” she says she’s not promiscuous, but have you seen the video? I guess she just needed a word to rhyme with Fergalicious.

Back in the day, if you dressed explicitly, you were a slut. Today, dressing explicitly is high fashion. For a minute, X-rated rapper Lil’ Kim seemed to be featured in every other issue of Vogue magazine wearing her pasties and little else. This is high fashion? The editors couldn’t find any another young African American celebrity with her clothes on?

GQ anointed gangsta rapper 50 Cent as one of their men of the year. They couldn’t find a celebrity who believed in family and not killing one another?

A pimp used to be a guy who sold prostitutes on the street for money. Today, a pimp is anyone who has sexual power over others. It’s nothing for teens to call each other pimps, bitches, and hos.

Is this just youth culture sowing wild oats? Or have our children been so infected by pornography smeared on their cell phones, iPods, TV ads, music videos, video games, and fashions that we are helplessly witnessing a generation-wide death of the spirit?

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