Saturday, June 7, 2008

Celibacy is baaack!

Hi friends,

I've missed you! Sorry for taking a year off from blogging, but I had a good really. My writing partner and I, Alfred "Coach" Powell, have been writing books since we last met. I'll tell you about those in a minute.

I'll be on The Michael Baisden Show -- Love, Lust, and Lies -- on Monday, June 9, 2008, the afternoon drive. It should be a lot of fun. He's got a huge audience, but try and call in. I'd love to hear from you! Check local radio listings.

Now about our latest writing projects. Since writing Sensual Celibacy 10 years ago, I've long wanted to do a follow up for teens. Despite what we hear about teen sexual behavior in the media, I find they're hungry for information on abstinence. Well we've finally gone and done it. Girlfriends Diary #1 and Journal for Young Men #1 (Real Talk, Real Thoughts About Love, Relationships, and Sex) are life-changing, guided journals designed to help teens be dating survivors. No more accidental sex allowed!

Here's what 2 of Coach Powell's former athletes had to say about the journals:

“Time out for being hard and angry. Coach Powell’s Journal for Young
Men #1
is a powerful process for revealing all the secrets a man keeps
inside, things we try to hide even from ourselves. I found it life
changing. All young men who want to step up their game need to work this book
for their emotional and spiritual health.” Daequan Cook, NBA Miami Heat

“Finally a book that’s right for the times, right on time, and just in the nick of time. Coach Powell has created a life saving process that allows young men to educate and express themselves without hurting anyone. This book is a “keep it real” appropriate read about love, relationships, and sex. It’s a way to use the power of the mind and pen instead of fists and guns. Every young man should read this journal as a part of their rite of passage into manhood.” Na’Shan Goddard, 2008 NFL World Champion New York Giants

The books are at the printers, so check back here or for purchasing information. Our goal is to get copies of these powerful journals into the hands of every male and female teen in America!! Send me a note at if you'd like to be put on our mailing list.

Check out the many youth workshops and professional development trainings we provide on We consult with schools, faith organizations, and social service agencies around the country.

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Miss Julia said...

I caught your interview this today on Michael Basden's show. I had to memorize your website in my head (Michael continues to tell us that we need to get digital recorders!) Anyway, I was trying to figure out how I fit into the 'celibacy' arena. I lost my husband almost 4 years ago and do miss the closeness and intimacy that we had in 37 years of marriage. However, now I cannot even visualize myself with someone else.

I would like to feature your post on my blog at: and