Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sexual triggers in the springtime

As the snow begins to thaw here in the Midwest, my thoughts turn like clockwork to men. Both of my children were conceived during the spring. There's something about that first warm breeze after months of snow and ice that makes me want to run wild. Celibacy be damned!

After a few springtimes of going solo I still have the crazy feelings, but now I can just smile wisely at them. My senses are still heightened when a man holds a door open for me or tells me I'm beautiful or smart, but now I just say thanks rather than having accidental sex with someone I don't know.

What turns you on? Do you have any idea?

Sticking to your sensual celibacy commitment ESPECIALLY when you don't want to is great because you learn so much about yourself. If you're anything like me and had a man around, you wouldn't be thinking about self-discovery because you'd be too busy, well, getting busy.

Right now, some man is strategizing on ways to get you into bed. This is how men get to know us better than we sometimes know ourselves. Man's sexual pursuit of us is not a negative. In fact, it can be very nice. After all, God told him to be fruitful and multiply. He's under a divine mandate to populate.

Men need us to help them direct that powerful urge. That means assessing your options carefully via alone time, dating, and communication -- and saying no when the time is not right.

The first time I assessed all the possible ways I could get turned on, I was surprised. They had been dictating my behavior at the subconscious level for a long time. I had sensed the triggers but I hadn't been fully aware of them.

Who knows how these triggers are developed? Probably nature and nuture. The point is, get to know what they are so that the next time a man tells you, "Ooo baby, you sure are fine," you can admit the truth of that statement, then keep on stepping.

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