Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Teen girls, reluctant doctors?

I just heard the most disturbing news from one of my sisters. She said a gynecologist told her she's no longer taking teen patients.

"Why?" I asked, incredulous.

"Because," said my sister, "so many teen girls had been coming in with not just one STD, but multiple STDs to be treated in one visit. She said it was nasty."

Nasty? Is that a term they learn in medical school?

I knew that the STD rate had been increasing in some youth populations, but I'd never heard about this issue with doctors refusing to see certain patients. Was this a trend among doctors?

I called my business partner, Alfred "Coach" Powell, and told him what I'd heard. He called a contact at a college clinic. What he found confirmed at least part of what I'd heard.

While this particular clinic isn't turning patients away, young women as well as gay men are seeking treatment for multiple STDs in one visit.

This is the most educated, informed generation around sexual issues, but behaviors are slow to change.

College campuses should purchase copies of my book Sensual Celibacy in bulk and give them away for free to young women. And I've known one or two gays who benefited from the wisdom included in its pages.

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